Traffic Barriers

Traffic barriers: Innovative solution to the crisis of traffic barrier passage dimensions length 1.5 m, height of 1 meter equipped with openings to resist the wind is a viable alternative to concrete and weighing up to more than 2 tons, which performs the role of the barrier the concrete was manufactured by mould l of Germany and the hands of Egypt is characterized by the possibility of painted colors, reflecting light as can be barrier mL water through the holes from the top also has a slot down to empty out of the water. Weight of the barrier 22 Kg.

Vacuum Road Barrier

A vacuum road barrier with three air vents can be filled with water or sand with 2 drums from below
Height 1 meter – width 145 cm – top thickness 18 cm – base width 50 cm.

Traffic Cones

Manufactured with a height of 1 m and a bottom diameter of 0.5 m provided from the top with a guide plate of 35 cm * 39 cm Any warning information can be written and is very useful for roads and bridges and road repair companies are discharged from the bottom for easy movement.

Traffic Signs

Guide boards with three circles for writing traffic signs and warnings, height 1.2 m, width 0.4.